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Platinum Real Estate Ventures originates from the cherished connections we've nurtured. From the outset, we held the conviction that our business's vigor would mirror the robustness of these relationships. Our committed investment in this belief has led us to forge bonds, culminating in a portfolio of over 3,500 units, commanding a total market valuation exceeding $400 million. In summary, a profound sense of gratitude envelops us, yet this marks merely the inception of our expedition.




Fairfield, CA

Expanding our diverse portfolio, we're now venturing into Fairfield, located in Solano County, California. This hidden gem holds immense potential as a burgeoning market. Although it has yet to capture the attention of urban planning, it's poised to become California's modern-day "Gold Rush." This prospect is precisely why Platinum Ventures Real Estate Capital Partners recently forged a contract and collaboration with local community leaders. Our objective is to create affordable multifamily housing, reshaping the fabric of neighborhoods and enhancing the quality of life where it's most needed. It's with great pride that we stand as partners in this novel development within an emerging city and its encompassing county.

Shadowy group that owns 52,000 Bay Area acres may be planning to build a new city.
By Kattie Dow
SF Gate: Aug 22, 2023

Current Assets Under Management

Multi Family Capital Partners is a product of the valued relationships we’ve been able to create. We believed early on that the strength of our relationships would equal the strength of our business and we’ve invested heavily in that belief. Those relationships have resulted in 3,500+ units with market values over $400MM. Long story short, we’re grateful… and we’re just getting started.

Charlotte, NC

Corporations are taking advantage of North Carolinas business-friendly climate and have steadily been adding positions. Charlotte is known as one of the nations financial centers and continues to emerge as a technology hub. Lowes just opened a new technology headquarters creating over 1,500 positions which has spilled over to their Mooresville location, a market where we own 160+ units.  

Dallas, TX

Corporate expansions and relocations to the Dallas metro area have become an increasingly popular trend. Texas as a whole had the best job growth in the nation, adding 332,300 jobs in 2019. Fueled by employment growth, the northern suburbs of Dallas (Frisco, Richardson, Denton) have seen strong household formations, increased rental demand, and compressed vacancy. Over 100,000 jobs have been added to the Dallas metro each of the previous 5 years.  

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